Restricted Parties

The U.S. Government agencies maintain lists of individuals and entities barred or restricted from entering into certain types of transactions with U.S. persons. Those lists include not only specially designated nationals but also individuals and businesses that have been debarred by the Department of State or restricted by the Department of Commerce because of previous violation of the regulations. Consequences for transferring or transacting with a Restricted Party are severe. To learn more about Restricted Party click here

Please conduct a Restricted Party Screening (RPS) of the parties you are transacting with in the following situations:

  • International Collaborations/Exchanges
  • Shipments
  • Visitors

For performing RPS, the Office of Export Controls Services (OEC) has made available to the Pitt Community a consolidated screening lists tool called Amber Road.

To access the Amber Road RPS tool: contact OEC for login credentials.  The Amber Road tool can be found here.

To learn more about how to conduct a RPS: Please read the "Steps for performing a Restricted Party Screening" guidance document, written by the Office of Export Controls Services.